About Combat Index, LLC

Combat Index is a leading provider of military and commercial technical information products to US Military elements and personnel, allied foreign military services, military and commercial contractors, law enforcement and rescue services, restoration organizations, and purchasers of surplus equipment.

Established on the web in 2001, Combat Index provides free military equipment information and over 35,000 photos categorized in the Hardware Index, as well as Technical, Field, and Advancement Manuals for purchase on CD in the Data Store.

3D computer model files of military vehicles and weapon systems are also available in the Data Store, and at Turbo Squid, the industry leading marketplace for 3D content, where Combat Index holds Diamond (top) status.

Combat Index is headquartered in Naples, Florida, with our data canter in Orlando, Florida.

"COMBATINDEX" is a registered Service Mark of Combat Index, LLC under the authority of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Combat Index is not interested now nor anytime in the future in regestering a Chinese trademark or domain, so please stop asking.