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Combat Index exists first and foremost as a service to those with a personal or professional interest in military equipment.

FAQ: Main site

Can I use the photos on your site in my article / report / book / web site, etc.?
  • Absloutely! That's what they're here for. Almost all of the photos found in the Hardware Index are taken by US Military personnel and are gathered from official sources which have cleared them for public release. They are considered to be Public Domain and may be used by anyone for any purpose. The US Military requests credit for the images be given to the photographer, if that infomation is available, and if not, a simple: "Photo by US Military Photographer" should be used.

FAQ: Data Store

The item I need is available for download, but I don't see a link.
  • The link to the file will be displayed automatically after the sale has been completed.
Why aren't all of your products available for download?
  • There is a file size limitation of 14MB for download. Whenever possible, file downloads are offered to speed up access to the information, but many items are several hundred MB in total size and must be delivered on CD only.
The item I need is avaliable for download, can I get it only that way and not have the CD sent?
  • Yes. While a shipping method is required for the transaction to be completed, if you only need items that may be downloaded and do not require a CD for delivery, you can select the Priority Mail shipping option, and in the Comments box, add a note indicating you would like to decline delivery of the physical CD. The shipping charge will be removed when the order is finalized, and you will receive confirmation via email as to the change in delivery method.
Can I get printed Technical Manuals?
  • Yes, Combat Index now offers select Technical Manuals as printed hardcopy documents. These official technical manuals are professionally printed using state of the art equipment to ensure a quality product that will stand up to the demands of the working environment in which they will be used. We use heavy, semi-gloss paper to resist tearing, and deliver the documents in durable 3-ring binders. Electronic PDF versions of the manuals are also included with each book on a CD-ROM, so in the event of damaged or missing pages over the course of time, replacement sheets can easily be printed on-site.
Are these manuals complete, or just select chapters or sections?
  • The Technical Manuals offered in the Data Store are complete documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Some offerings are for a type of equipment, such as Generators or Workshop Equipment, for which we have assembled a collection of manuals for a wide variety of equipment. For product offerings focused on one piece of equipment, such as the HMMWV, the CD contails all Technical Manuals which have been cleared for public release by the US Government. Whenever available, Technical Bulletins and Lubrication Orders are also included. A full listing of everything included on the CD is avaliable, as well as sample PDF files of each manual's Table of Contents and first few pages, so you can understand exactly what you will receive.
There seems to be some manuals for my equipment missing in the series listed, why?
  • Some of the technical manuals may not yet be released by the US government for public access. Combat Index only provides information, photography, and documentation that is unclassified and cleared for public distribution.
I am outside the US, can you ship to my location?
  • Orders from the Data Store can and have been shipped to most locations throughout the world. If you are having something sent to a APO, FPO, or DPO address, please select USPS Priority Mail as your method. This will allow delivery to depolyed ships and land units. Combat Index reserves the right to not ship information products to non-allied nations or areas of conflict, with the exception of US military forces deployed in these areas.

    If your order is being shipped to a base or university or other location that uses an internal addressing structure, please use a conventional street number and name format (ex.: 123 Main St.) to avoid delays in processing your order.
Do you accept company purchase orders?
  • We understand that some corporations have strict purchasing procedures and will do our best to accomodate your needs. If required, we can provide a written quote for the items you are interested in, based on the prices listed in the Data Store. A minimum sale of $100 applies for this type of transaction. Please send inquiries to
Are there any restrictions on what I can do with these documents?
  • Short answer: No, though we do hope you'll be careful. These documents are copyright free and may be used by anyone for anything. Any source claiming copyright status on official US government documentation or photography is lying. Check their "Conditions of Use" page, and come back to us!